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I spent more than 10 years working in project management for charities and social enterprise.

I designed and launched Scotland's first social investment accelerator and an award-winning incubator for young social entrepreneurs. I've supported charities of all sizes to diversify their income. I've managed teams, recruited partners and been a funder and contract manager. 

I know that social businesses need to engage their users in a different way, with a focus on mission, culture and values. I am fascinated by the potential of social enterprise to change the way we invest in people and local economies.

When I started a family, I decided to focus on writing. I've learnt how to write for different audiences throughout my career. I started freelancing with a service design consultancy. It turned out to be an apprenticeship of sorts. I learnt design thinking 'on the job'. I was already earning my keep as a copywriter, but decided to apply my newfound design knowledge to my work. I looked for opportunities in content design as a way of bringing together two skillsets and haven't looked back.